About us

Our Story

We are an independent qualified retirement plan services company that works with companies and their fiduciaries towards maximizing retirement plan outcomes by increasing effectiveness.

For more than 30 years, we have enabled conscientious companies to effectively scrutinize and benchmark their 401(k) plans with the goal to improve benefits, save money, streamline administration and ensure compliance amid the confusion of changing legislation and regulations.

Our Mission

We are a dedicated team of industry professionals and fiduciaries. In every client engagement, we are guided by a four-point mission:

  1. Protect plan fiduciaries from corporate and personal financial liability
  2. Enhance potential return-on-plan investment opportunities
  3. Uncover and implement cost-savings wherever possible
  4. Apply best strategies to help participants reach desired level of financial security

Key Focus Areas

We believe that a 401(k) plan, like any other component of a business, should have goals and objectives that are definitely set and intentionally pursued. Participant retirement readiness and committee regulatory readiness are our key focus areas.

We advocate these through:

  • Evaluating funds and service providers objectively, independent of your, or any, service provider.
  • Guiding you through ERISA requirements with prudent skill and care.
  • Monitoring fund performance while addressing the goals and objectives of your organization.
  • Having the knowledge and industry sophistication to uncover all plan fees, expenses and revenue sharing arrangements so your plan can be properly benchmarked to that of plans of similar size and type.
  • Assessing your workforce’s needs.
  • Providing on-site education for your employees.